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Gratitude Graffiti Project

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Blog about Gratitude! 

Let's start blogging about what we are grateful for!  Follow the above directions and post your reflections about what you are grateful for.

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Gratitude Graffiti Kick-Off Event!!! 

Please join us on Monday, Nov. 18th from 4-5pm in the Thorndike Lounge as we kick-off the Gratitude Graffiti Project at Teachers College, Columbia University!!! You'll be able to write on the windows, sharing whatever you are grateful for while sipping on coffee & munching on some cookies! We'll also let you know all of …

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Why Gratitude? 

Why gratitude?  How does reflecting on what you are grateful for help you better engage with the world around you?  Reflecting about what makes you happy in everyday life and what you are grateful for can help you feel alive and present.  This simple exercise in mindfulness can help change your perspective.  This is why …

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Gratitude Graffiti at Teachers College 

Welcome to our blog celebrating gratitude at Teachers College. Our hope for this week is for students at Teachers College to begin to reflect about what they are grateful for.  Student Development and Activities at Teachers College is organizing multiple events throughout the week in collaboration with various office around campus.  Our goal for this …

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